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We will be doing a neighborhood canvas this Saturday, Dec. 4th, to put flyers in mailboxes to
advertise the December 11 meeting with Kevin Pipes. We will be meeting at 10 a.m. at 413
Chautauqua Ave

On Friday, December 10 at 3 pm there will be a forum on "the future of Oklahoma's cities" to
be held on the OU Campus in Norman, Carnegie Bldg Room 208A. The Directors of City
Planning for Tulsa, OKC, Norman, Lawton and Edmond will have a panel discussion on the
issues (and city planning response to the issues) affecting the future of OK's largest cities. The
public is invited.

The Greens have an info number at 405-945-1962 for meeting times and news.
Who We Are

The Green Party is a grassroots political
campaign to allow common people to have a
voice in government.

We believe that mainstream political parties
have become too attentive to power, money and
competition to truly represent many of the
issues that affect local citizens daily.

The Green Party is a reputable, established
organization which works for:

Social Justice
Environmental Wisdom
Grassroots Democracy

Additionally, the Green Party upholds the
worth of persons in diverse cultures, lifestyles
and philosophies.

We believe in cooperation across lines of
difference, not uniformity without difference.


Central Oklahoma
Russell Gains, 685-2963
Stephen Melsh, 947-8355.
Tom Keck, 292-8876.
Tony Smith, 321-0929.
Email list (to subscribe):

Tod Sloan, 918-584-7650

NOTE: The Greens believe in accomplishing the greatest amount of good with the least expenditure
of resources. We do the most with what we have. For that reason, we have decided by consensus
to maintain a web page using a host that provides free space. However, in exchange for this web
space the host applies a pop-up window of advertisements. We want it to be understood that these
ads, or the companies they represent, do not necessarily represent our personal points of view as
Green Party supporters. Nor do they necessarily conflict with our points of view, either, but we
want to make it clear that our organization is not directly sponsored by any of the interests which
advertise here. We have no control over which ads appear on your browser as a result of visiting
this page. After much discussion, it has been decided to maintain our site here until at some future
time when our finances allow us to develop an independent web page.

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watch for update)