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Green Leaf

Upcoming meetings:

The next Norman Green Party meeting will be held at the Unitarian-
Universalist Fellowship at 1309 W. Boyd on Saturday, July 10, from 6
to 7:30 p.m. and again on August 14 from 2-3:30 PM

State Politics.

Tom Keck recommended forming a state politics committee to monitor
state legislative developments as well as the political/legal procedures
related to state issue involvement and Green Party organizing. This
committee would also reach out to state-wide progressive groups. Tom
Keck, Ben Alpers, Phillip A. Reed and Matt Brown signed up to join
this working group.


Robert Zike has created a listserv for the Central Oklahoma Greens.
Please contact, 366-1272, to be added to the

Tony Smith and Russel Gains both have banners available for the
Greens to use at rallies. Contact Russel (above) or Tony at or 321-0929.

Russel Gains is distributing Green Party buttons and bumper stickers.
These will be available at upcoming meetings.

Three copies of the Green Party USA organizing manual are available
to borrow. Contact Russel (above) or Tom Keck at or